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1-718-381-8397       60-01 70th Ave Ridgewood, NY

Free 10” Pizza Every Day


Kitchen Now Open Every Day

Pool Table Available

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         Cozy Corner is a Ridgewood, Queens Institution. Back in the early 1900’s a small cafe named A. Moeschel’s Cafe opened it’s doors, serving a local Bushwick brewery’s Rheingold beer. This is assumed to be the first business oriented incarnation of the Cozy. Since then, the space has reincarnated itself as a large variation of bars, delicatessens and cafes until we arrive at the Cozy as it is today.
         Key pre-WWI developers in Ridgewood all used Kreischer bricks from Staten Island, which have a distinctive golden metallic patina. This led to Ridgewood Queens being designated as the largest National Historic District in the Country.
          Included in this neighborhood and apart of the historical registry, Cozy Corner is proudly constructed of such bricks. Recently renovated in 2019, maintaining much of the original, unique fixtures, female statues, main bar & exposed brick, Cozy Corner today exhibits a gorgeous open layout boasting two bars, comfortable seating, an old fashioned pool table and gorgeous copper siding. Most importantly, Cozy Corner offers good old hospitality, which never goes out of style.